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Committee Participation

Anyone with an interest in the subject of industrial control systems security is welcome to become a member of the ISA99 committee. It is NOT necessary to be a member of ISA in order to be a member of an ISA committee. Participation can take any of several forms, including but not limited to:

  • Being a member of a work or task group that is developing or revising one or more work products (e.g., standards, technical reports)
  • Contributing to a "supporting" work activity, such as communications and outreach.
  • Reviewing and offering comments or feedback on draft work products
  • Assisting the committee in establishing joint working relationships with other committees and organizations

More information on the general subject of contributing to ISA activities is available on the main ISA web site. Of particular interest is the "Get Involved" page. If you are interested in contributing to the work of ISA99 please complete and submit the ISA volunteer form. Information submitted via this form will be routed directly to committee leaders who will contact you for followup.

New members or contributors to the committee are encouraged to review the committee member orientation package. As an aid in matching volunteers with contributing roles in the committee and its work groups there is also have a committee opportunities page where you can find a summary of the various roles that we are currently trying to fill. This information will be updated as required by committee leadership.

Finally, for any general information about the committee and its activities you are free to contact one of the committee leaders or the ISA staff support person.


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