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Fundamental Concepts
A Fundamental Concept is defined as a part of the basis or foundation of the entire ISA-62443 series of standards and technical reports.

Each of these Fundamental Concepts is introduced and described in the first standard in the series (ISA-62443-1-1) and they collectively provide a foundation for the more detailed information that follows in subsequent standards in the series.

In order to fully define these concepts we have created a separate Wiki page for each one. This approach allows all contributing committee members to add their comments and ideas to development of each concept. A summary or consensus of these discussions will be used to shape the final concept.
At this time the following concepts have been identified:
(The exact order of the items in the above list may not be the same as in the ISA-62443.01.01 standard. The final order will depend on the nature and number of cross-concept references.)

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