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Committee Governance

All activities of the ISA99 committee are conducted in compliance with the ISA Standards and Practices Department procedures. Ensuring that the committee operates according to established standards is the responsibility of the Managing Director, who is a member of the ISA Standards and Practices Board. It is this body that has responsibility for overseeing the consensus based standards development process.


The ISA99 committee has a structure similar to most other ISA committees. It consists of several work groups, each devoted to a specific set of tasks or responsibilities. The definition and scope of each work group is affirmed by a committee ballot.

Each work group has the option of further dividing its responsibility between two or more task groups. Finally, study or task groups may be created as required to address a specific short-term task or subject.

The ISA99 committee conducts most of its work online or through conference calls. There is no charge for committee participation and you are not required to be an ISA member.


The committee co-chairs are responsible for directing the routine activities of the committee. The co-chairs are nominated by the managing director and approved by the S&P Board. These appointments are renewed annually (on January 1st).

Leaders or chairs of the various work groups are nominated by the committe co-chairs and affirmed by a committee ballot.

At the committee level the duties of the secretary are typically shared between the co-chairs and ISA staff. Work and task groups are free to assign such duties as they see fit.

In the case of ISA99 we have chosen a structure that allows for assistance and counsel from a leadershop working group which is made up of chairs from the remaining working groups as well as other participants chosen for their experience or specific contributions. Notes from all meetings of this group are available for public review. Questions or comments about this group or any other aspect of the committee may be directed to the committee co-chairs via Email.

It is customary for an editor to be identified for each of the committee work products. Collectively these editors form a task group under the leadership work group that is focused on establishing editorial standards.

The committees has two membership types:

  • Voting Members are responsible for voting and commenting on standards and administrative actions and attend as many meetings as possible, including conference calls. 
  • Information Members receive committee news, may comment on standards--without a formal vote--and may attend committee meetings.


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