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General Concepts
General Concept is a term applied to subjects that are important to the understanding of the material in the ISA-62443 series, but are fairly common in the general area of cybesecurity. Each of these concepts is provided as informative content in the first standard in the series (ISA-62443.01.01) and may be referenced in subsequent standards in the series.
In order to fully define these concepts we have created a separate Wiki page for each one. This approach allows all contributing committee members to add their comments and ideas to the interpretation of each common concept. Keep in mind that our purpose here is NOT to define the concept, but only to apply it in the context of ISA-62443.
At this time the following General Concepts have been identified:
(The exact order of the items in the above list may not be the same as in the ISA-62443.01.01 standard. The final order will depend on the nature and number of references.)

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