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How to Maintain the Master Glossary


A Master Glossary is required as a means of maintaining consistency across the entire set committee work products. In order to make optimum use of this glossary we need some basic "rules" or guidelines for creating and maintaining definitions. At the same time we want to maintain as much consistency as possible with the established IEC terminology, since our standards are intended for eventual release as IEC standards. (For reference, the IEC glossary is available at

Definition Guidelines

1.     When a term has been identified as needing definition first check the IEC glossary to see if it has already been defined and for what technology entity the definition provided was intended to service.

2.     If there is an IEC definition, determine whether it is suitable and appropriate for the intended ISA99 usage; if so, then this definition will be used. Submit the term and definition for inclusion in or as a revision to our master glossary.

3.     If there is not an IEC definition for the term, check the current master glossary for ISA99.

4.     If the term has been defined, consider that definition for use in your document.

5.     If the existing definition(s) are not appropriate or consistent with intended usage, either consider an alternate term or suggest an additional definition to be included in the master glossary. References should be cited for any alternate definitions offered.

6.     Terms and new or alternate definitions identified for the ISA99 master glossary will be shared with IEC for possible inclusion in their glossary.

7.     When appropriate, the definition should include a NOTE describing qualification or clarification of the definition used.



Creating New Definitions


If the term needing definition is not found in this Master Glossary, it will need to be created.  Please follow the steps below to create new definitions.

1.     Open the Glossary template and go to edit mode by clicking on the Edit button in the upper right.

2.     Copy the text in the edit window and then click Cancel.

3.     Click on the glossary section in which your term should be alphabetically

4.     Click Edit

5.     Following the existing formats, enter a reference to your term. By convention such links should be of the form [[GL_term|term]], which results in a page name with the "GL_" prefix. The term name should be in all lowercase letters.  Please do not add any additional spaces or carriage returns.

6.     Click OK to accept your changes

7.     Your new term will be displayed on the term name list with an underline.  Click on your new term.

8.     An edit window should open.  Paste the previously copied glossary template text into the edit window.

9.     Make the following edits

a.     Change the Master Glossary links at the top of the page to the correct Glossary Terms section.  The proper sections are listed in the glossary template for easy access.  This edit should be made in two locations at the top of the page for the edit to be correct.

b.    Change the work product number to the work product that requires the definition.

c.     Copy and Paste or type your definition in the definition section and delete all of the italicized text by selecting and deleting it.  If done properly, it will leave you with standard font.

d.    Change any footnote or reference numbers to be the actual reference item.  Since each work product is different, footnote and reference numbers will not be common making them useless for this effort.

e.     Add any additional comments

10.  Click OK to complete your edit.

11.  Test your new definition by confirming the links are not underlined indicated they are not correct.



Adding New Definitions to Existing Terms


Many times, a definition will already exist for a term.  If the definition is different that the definition required for the work product, the additional definition will need to be noted.

1.     Click on the term to be modified.

2.     Click Edit in the upper right corner.

3.     Copy the existing Work Product number and Paste it in the location for the new definition.

4.     Put the new definition in order of the work product number.


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