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Work Group 1 - Security Technologies
This work group exists to identify, assess and report on technology that is relevant to Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). Specifically, the group provides guidance to other groups and the committee as a whole with respect to the changing face of technology for IACS security.
This work group meets and is active on an infrequent basis, as determined by the needs for specific work products (see below).
The group is led by co-chairs who are responsible for identifying specific tasks and work products. Any member of the committee with a specific interest in the development and evolution of security related technology is welcome to participate by first identifying themselves to one of the group co-chairs.
  • Chair: Andrew Ginter
  • Chair: Ayman Al Issa
  • Secretary: N/A
  • Lead Editor: N/A

Task Groups

This work group does not have task groups at this time.

Relevant Work Products

The principal work product from this group is a technical report on the state of security technologies. It has been identified as one of the primary work products for the committee.

ISA Reference
IEC Reference
ISA-TR62443-3-1 IEC 62443-3-1
Security Technologies for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Additional work products may be identified from time to time, depending on needs and circumstances.


Target Audiences
No targeting
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