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This technical report provides an evaluation and assessment of many current types of electronic-based cyber security technologies, mitigation methods and tools that may apply to protecting the IA&CS environment from detrimental cyber intrusions and attacks. For the various technologies, methods and tools introduced in this report, a discussion of their development, implementation, operations, maintenance, engineering and other user services is provided. The report also provides guidance to manufacturers, vendors, and security practitioners at end-user companies, facilities, and industries on the technological options and countermeasures for securing automated IACS's (and their associated industrial networks) against electronic (cyber) attack. It is the first ISA technical report in a series dealing with the topic of process control cyber security, and specifically analyzes technologies, methods, and tools to determine their applicability in securing cyber systems in the IACS environment.

IEC Number:
IEC/TR 62443-3-1

Work Group 1

Primary Contact: Andrew Gintner
Alternate Contact: Ayman Al-Issa

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This document is currently under revision by the responsible work group.

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