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Work Product Overview

The following figure provides a quick overview of all of the work products (standards, technical reports, etc.) available, under development or planned by the ISA99 committee. More detailed information is available in the form of a detailed list of work products which includes links to copies of recent working drafts.

ISA62443 Series


Each of the elements of the work plan has three separate numerical designations. Originally all work products of the committee were numbered in the series ISA-99.xx.yy, and this terminology is still in common use. More recently there was a decision to more closely align the ISA efforts with those of the corresponding IEC Technical Committee 65, Working Group 10 which is responsible for delivering a series of international standards designated as IEC 62443-x-y.

As part of the plan to harmonize the numbering of ISA and IEC standards the ISA work products are being renumbered from ISA-99.xx.yy to ISA-62443-x-y. The new numbers will appear as each document is released or re-released.

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